Emiliano was born in Rome in 1979,

After graduating in Commercial Graphic Arts, he begins his career as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. In just a few years he reaches the theatre world, dedicating part of his life to the design and realization of theatre scenographies.

In 2010 he joins the theater company Artisti Vagabondi in Milan and Rome’s artistic group Showcase 29/33.

Eclectic artist, lover of experimentation and use of recycled materials, over the years he stages live performances in which painting, music and dance come together giving life to surreal worlds.

During this experience he finds a connection with the plastic kitchen wrap.

A fragile, slippery, transparent and unusual support for painting: these are in fact the elements that over time have engaged him and have led him to study it and improve this technique until it becomes his signature.

Established that the materic result is interesting and captivating, he likes the idea of ​​using a material that is in everyday life, a product that we all have at home and that we use in a daily nature.

However, in using kitchen plastic wrap, he not only introduces us to an aesthetic value but also to  a philosophical one and to a meaning, rather to a similarity with life and the human being, who brought his own life to a degree of appearance equal to slavery.

We know each other for how we present ourselves and not for what we are, we have a costume, a mask, the spotlight and people ready to clap or hoot.

We are slaves to beauty, envy and superfluity.

The human being is fragile, life is slippery and the only really important thing we should do is to live in total transparency like plastic kitchen wrap.